Specials/Set Menu


Pasta cooking

Arancini stuffed with wild mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan on rocket £7.95
Linguine with caramelised fennel, rocket, sardines, garlic, anchovy breadcrumbs and chilli £7.95/£13.95
Baked filo pie with feta, toasted sesame seeds and Greek salad £7.95
Gnocchi with spinach, mushrooms and creamy gorgonzola cheese £8.95
Small Greek burgers with aromatic herbs, tzatziki and pitta £7.95
Mussels in white wine with fennel, leeks, tarragon and garlic, fries and aioli £14.95
Our chorizo and steak burger with mature cheddar, pancetta, accompaniments and fries £14.95
Beer battered fish of the day, triple cooked fries, homemade tartare, dressed leaves £15.95
Fillets of fresh seabream on roasted potatoes and sweet peppers with thyme, garlic and tomatoes £15.95
Youvetsi – Greek veal stew with spinach, fresh herbs, orzo pasta £14.95
2 COURSES   £19.95  (1 STARTER+1 MAIN) P.P.